Automated Solutions To Build Smarter Schedules


The ComQuip suite of scheduling applications is the most advanced, fully automated software designed with usability, simplicity and flexibility in mind. Among our customers are undergraduate and graduate health profession programs, residency programs at teaching hospitals, professional graduate schools and colleges and universities. ComQuip best-in-class scheduling solutions, IQ Session™, IQ Clinical™ and IQ Residency™ significantly reduce the time required to construct and change schedules thanks to a sophisticated scheduling algorithm and a friendly design that quickly generates conflict-free schedules, reduces errors and keeps all stakeholders on the same page.

Robust, Intuitive and Easy to Integrate

ComQuip gives organizations of all of sizes the solutions and tools
necessary to:

  • Build the ideal schedule to drive efficiency

  • Manage complex scheduling tasks

  • Reach new levels of student, clinical and resident success

Used by academic institutions from small colleges to large universities and from medical, dentistry and nursing programs to teaching hospitals, the IQ product suite is the proven scheduling solution for organizations needing a tool that insures all program participants receive the experiences they require every year and succeed.

Our flagship clinical rotation scheduling system is designed for Health Professions Programs that include schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Veterinary, and Optometry, among others.

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A fully automated scheduling application for Teaching Hospitals employing an advanced algorithm intended for complex block scheduling and rule-based logic
for shift scheduling.

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A suite that includes room, instructor and student scheduling modules for Colleges and Universities to help build smarter, conflict-free schedules in less time, with ease and more efficiency.

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